Frequently asked questions about MemoRekall.

The first time you log in you must accept the Terms and Conditions to continue. If your capsule is public, you must have a license agreement from the content owner of the documents you upload and attach to the video. For the weblinks, there is no need for a license agreement, as MemoRekall doesn’t copy the content on its server.

What is the minimum age recommendation for MemoRekall?

MemoRekall is very easy to use: a copy & paste, 3 buttons, and that’s it! It has been successfully tested with children of 12.

How to annotate a video that is not on YouTube or Vimeo?

As of now, it’s only possible to use video files from YouTube or Vimeo. Want business features? Please contact us.

How to read my capsule offline?

MemoRekall needs internet access. However, we can create on-demand offline capsules from your work.