Do you have a specific request or a project around MemoRekall? Our team is available to answer your needs. Discover our different services…


For teachers, cultural mediators, editors, communication specialists…

If you wish to be trained in the making of MemoRekall capsules, we come to you and offer a program tailored to your needs.


Would you like your students or a group of students to make a capsule with MemoRekall?

We can train you to conduct workshops, or we can come and conduct a workshop in your class (secondary-school, sixth form, arts school, university). A workshop around MemoRekall can centre around several activities: searching for documental archives online, creation of multimedia documents, piece analysis, meeting with artistic teams etc. Our trainers are here to accompany you and construct a workshop tailored to your needs.

Making educational, multimedia booklets

For theatres, museums, cultural institutions, artistic teams…

We can produce educational booklets on the piece of your choice, tailored to you audience. This booklet can be made available online, on your webpage or on social media.

Making scientific capsules

Are you organising an exposition or a festival? Do you wish to develop your editorial strategies?

We can handle – or work in partnership with your editor on – the production of a capsule of the piece of your choice. This can include the creation of audio-visual documents, archival research, the writing of texts… The capsule will be available on your event’s website, on an interactive terminal on-site, or as a digital book.

Personalised adaptation

Do you wish to adapt MemoRekall’s graphic charter to your institution? Develop a specific functionality? Work with your own video database without using YouTube or Vimeo?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we can propose a personalised version of MemoRekall to answer the specific needs of your institution.


For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.