MemoRekall is in active development.
Here is our plan for the future of MemoRekall.

2022 – 2023: Make MemoRekall IIIF-compatible

We are currently making MemoRekall compatible with the global standard IIIF. Technically, MemoRekall will become a plugin for Mirador, a IIIF viewer which is already widely-used by cultural institutions. We shall also ensure retro-compatibility of current capsules with this new version.

  • Compatibility with the IIIF standard.
  • Possibility to incorporate elements from many different sources (your local machine, Youtube and Vimeo, existing digital archives).
  • Possibility to create document networks that can be explored and viewed from different perspectives.
  • Adopting the git model to enable different versions of networks and collaborative, cumulative work.

You can consult some live demos of our current progress here.

2023 – 2024: Integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning tools

Whether you’re using MemoRekall to annotate a single video, or if you’re using it to study complex networks of diverse documents, it will be possible to use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to create annotations automatically. We’re also designing the environment in a way that will allow for modularity and extensibility making it easy to incorporate your own algorithms.

  • A plugin-friendly environment.
  • Implementation of different types of tools:
    • Decomposition
    • Analysis
    • Classification
    • Metadata manipulation