The workspace

How to create a capsule

How to add an annotation

The first time you login you must accept the Terms and Conditions to continue. If your capsule is public, you must have a licence agreement from the content owner of the documents you upload and attach to the video. For the weblinks, there is no need for a licence agreement, as MemoRekall doesn’t copy the content on its server.

What is the minimum age recommendation for MemoRekall?

MemoRekall is very easy to use : a copy & paste, 3 buttons, and that’s it ! It has been successfully tested with children of 12.

How to annotate a video that is not on You Tube or Vimeo?

As of now, it’s only possible to use video files from Youtube or Vimeo. Want business features ? Please contact us.

How to read my capsule offline?

MemoRekall needs an internet access. However, we can create on demand offline capsules from your work.


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