The people behind MemoRekall.


Clarisse Bardiot

Her scientific background is the epistemology of the performing arts and digital technologies. Over the years, the focus has shifted from history and aesthetics (digital performances) to the question of the memory and historiography of theatre (theatre analytics). Her research is focused on digital humanities, the history and aesthetics of digital performance, the relationship between art, science and technology, the preservation of digital works, and experimental publishing.

Tétras Libre

Tétras-libre was created by David Beniamine and Sebastien Curt, study and cycling comrades, and ex-colleagues at LIG.

Tétras-libre is a double play on words: the “Tétras lyre”, which is their logo, is a native bird of the Alpes and represents their local anchorage and their desire to work in a way that is respectful of the environment with durable development. Tétras Libre are also the four fundamental freedoms of free software which is the starting point for their ethical project.

Jacob Hart

Jacob joined the MemoRekall project in 2022. He is responsible for a new phase of development of the software with two objectives: make MemoRekall compatible with the IIIF standard and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for corpus manipulation. His research focalizes on the tracking of the creative process of techno-fluent artists, and developing new approaches in computational musicology and the digital humanities. He is interested in the nature of the contemporary ear, ludomusicology, experimental music analysis and digital sound visualization. He is also a musician, creative coder and writer.