MemoRekall to document the works of Le Fresnoy’s Panorama exhibition

These capsules document the works presented for the Panorama exhibition at Le Fresnoy. They were made by a group of students from the Theatre and Digital Creation Master 2 course at the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France in collaboration with Le Fresnoy students.

In the context of a course entitled “works digital mediation” in partnership with Le Fresnoy, students took part in the various steps of documenting an artwork: video recording; interviews with artists and their teams; collection, selection, presentation, and annotation of documents pertaining to the piece and the creative process; video editing, graphic design, interview transcription; creation of annotations and making a capsule.

The course went on over several years. It was led by Clarisse Bardiot and then by Sébastien Hildebrand, in collaboration with a cinematography professional (Pierre-Jean Moreau). We present here the capsules that were made for the Panorama 19 exhibition in 2017.

I Woke Up in Motion – Vasil Tasevski

Vasil Tasevski, I woke up in motion, 2017 from Melissa Abrini, Rosaire Issa, Farah Bustame on MemoRekall.

Limen – Hideyuki Ishibashi

Hideyuki Ishibashi, Limen, 2017 from Sofiane Tali & Ximena Miranda on MemoRekall.

Cosmorama – Hugo Deverchere

Hugo Deverchere, Cosmorama, 2017 from Quentin Blondeau, Jean-Baptiste Marsollier et Frédéric Haudegond on MemoRekall.

Blind Sculpture – Marie Lelouche

Marie Lelouche, Blind Sculpture, 2017 from Nicolas Bancel, Natacha Deicke, Aurélien Wojtko on MemoRekall.

Les buveuses d’eau – Ina Mihalache

Ina Mihalache, Les buveuses d’eau, 2017 from Lucas Scheurer, Caroline Sergeant, Lin Tian on MemoRekall.