MemoRekall in schools: Pose longue

Over 2023 and 2024 we worked with the students of class 2nd6 at the Lycée Tristan Corbière in Morlaix, France and their teacher Anne Dréan on their project “Pose Longue: le portrait, de la figure à l’intime”. The project was a year-long artistic residency at the high school of two artists: musician Lionel Pierres and photographer Ben Pi. Over the course of the year, the artists worked with the students around the notion of the portrait and the various forms it can take.

Our involvement in this remarkable project was to accompany the students in the documentation of the project and the various creative processes using MemoRekall. We went to Morlaix twice over the year to introduce the students to the tool, and help them with their projects. The result is a rich MemoRekall capsule that augments Victor Thomas’ short film about the project with over 50 annotations of video, images, links and notes around this fascinating project created by the students. You can view the capsule above.

This collaboration between the team and Anne Dréan came following a presentation that we gave at the 7th “Forum éduction et recherche” on the theme of “art and the digital”, held at the SEW in Morlaix in May, 2023. The team are delighted to work with the French educational system, and we are striving to ensure that the tools we develop are up to their standards. If you are interested in collaborating with us, or organizing a workshop in your own school, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.